Smart Surveillance for Small Businesses

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What is Smart Surveillance for Small Businesses?

As a smart business owner, you know how to appreciate solutions that give you more for the same amount of money. Join with the Smart Surveillance for Small Businesses and in addition to the patrol unit, you will have an overview of the activities on your business premises via your smartphone. And much more.

G4S Smart Surveillance for Small Businesses is a security service that is ideally suited to the needs of small businesses and incorporates motion sensors with a photo camera. In the event of an alarm, they will send the image directly to your smart device and alert the G4S Alarm Response Centre, which will immediately send out a patrol unit, if necessary.

Why do I need a security guarantee?

Smart Surveillance for Small Businesses is everything you need to avoid losses related to break-ins. For added peace of mind, it’s backed up by our Security Guarantee.

We can guarantee that G4S will respond quickly enough to ensure that the would-be thief is caught red-handed. But even if they get away and you suffer losses – whether that be a broken lock, a shattered window or stolen goods – G4S will make sure you’re compensated in accordance with the Security Guarantee.

With the Security Guarantee:

  • there is no excess;
  • we compensate the cost of restoring the interior finish of the site;
  • we compensate the cost of replacing any stolen goods;
  • we compensate damage within a month, pursuant to guarantee conditions.*

* See more information.

Benefits of a Smart Surveillance

Camera-equipped motion sensors

In case of an alarm, the camera-equipped motion sensors take an automatic photograph and send it to your smart device. Of course you can always check out the images whenever you like, be it Christmas Eve or 5 A.M. in the morning. In order to get the images in your smart device, download the free "My Elas" app from the App Store or Google Play. You can also view the images by logging in to the self-service site from your computer of smartphone. So you would always know what is happening in your business – how many clients you are serving, are the employees present, etc.

Immediate reaction

In the event of an alarm, the alarm information is immediately sent to the Alarm Response Centre. To ensure double security, the employee of the alarm response centre also notifies the client immediately – so you will be aware of the alarm even if you do not have your smart device with you. A patrol unit will be sent out, if necessary, and only the client can cancel the decision to react. You can also order notifications to your e-mail and view the event log on the self-service site.

Gas and water leakage detectors

It is possible to link municipal gas and water leakage detectors with the Smart Surveillance for Small Businesses to avoid greater damage. The detectors work even when the security system is switched off.

Controlling the surveillance service from a smart device

The service can be controlled from smart devices with iOS and Android operation systems, and also from your desktop computer. For example, you can switch the security system on and off from your phone wherever you are. This allows you, for example, to let in an employee who has forgotten his/her code, or someone without a security code. Forgetting to switch on the security system is also no longer a problem – if you leave in a hurry and forget, then you can always switch on the alarm on your way home, for example.

Remote control of electrical devices

You can connect other devices on the premises with the system and switch them on and off from your computer, tablet or PC. For example, you can switch on the office’s heating system, coffee maker or any other electrical device in advance from your phone while driving to work.

Less frequent visits of the technician

As the system is directly connected with the G4S server, out technical support can quickly identify any possible failures. This means that you do not need to call for a technician for regular maintenance, but only when there is a problem. Maintenance is included in the price of the devices and does not increase the service fee.


39 € + km

The installation and maintenance of the devices is included in the price. More devices can be connected with the system, if necessary.

Devices included in this price:

  • 1 central device with an integrated keyboard and indoor siren
  • 1 camera-equipped motion sensor
  • 1 door sensor
  • 1 smoke detector
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Camera-equipped motion detector

Records movements in the room and takes photographs of the object that set off the alarm. It is possible to request images at any time. An animal-proof version is also available.

Central device

The central unit registers all sensor signals and transmits an alarm to the G4S Alarm Response Centre. The central unit has a built-in internal siren and a GSM modem. In the event of a power outage the central unit runs on emergency electrical power.


The keyboard is used to activate and deactivate the surveillance system of the site with a unique code.

Smoke detector

The smoke detector reacts to the appearance of smoke in the room and signals the central unit. The sensor also gives an alert if the system has not been activated.

Water leakage detector

The part of the detector placed against the floor detects any water leakages and signals the central device. The detector sends signals even when the security system is switched off.

Remote control

The remote control enables long-distance activation and deactivation of the surveillance system. This is a convenient solution for children and elderly people.

Surveillance stickers

When joining G4S Home Surveillance, affix ‘G4S valvab’ (Under the surveillance of G4S) stickers everywhere visible from outside – doors, windows and, if necessary, elsewhere. The stickers have a discouraging effect on thieves and help the patrol unit find your home more quickly in the event of an alarm.

Internal siren

The siren is activated when the surveillance system registers an alarm. The sound of the siren attracts attention and makes it uncomfortable to do anything in the room.

External siren

The siren is activated when the surveillance system registers an alarm. The noise caused by the siren is sufficiently loud to attract the attention of people in the vicinity and makes it impossible for perpetrators to continue their activities unnoticed.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor notifies the central unit of movement in the room. A pet-proof motion sensor is also available.

Magnet sensor

The magnet sensor signals the central unit when the front door is being opened.

Carbon monoxide detector

Reacts to carbon monoxide and signals the central device. The detector sends signals even when the security system is switched off.

Gas detector

The gas detector reacts to methane, butane and propane leaks and signals the central unit. The sensor also gives an alert if the system has not been activated.

Vibration sensor

Measures the vibration of the surrounding environment (low-frequency sounds) to prevent breaking doors/windows with the purpose of entering.

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