What is Small Surveillance?

Small Surveillance is a favourable solution for sites with a smaller surveillance need – for a country house, vacation home, or some other location where you are not constantly present. Everything necessary is included in a single compact surveillance appliance. You can also order a smoke detector that offers additional protection in case of a fire.

Small Surveillance does not require big investments and it is extremely easy to install and operate.

You can switch the surveillance on and off with your mobile phone – whenever and wherever you like. The service is easy to use and can be operated with a smart phone, as well as a push-button phone. As the Small Surveillance service operates through a mobile network, Telia coverage is necessary at the location where Small Surveillance is installed for the service to function.

The security monitoring equipment is especially for G4S Small Surveillance developed by ELDES UAB.

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How much does it cost?

The Small Surveillance solution does not require a major investment into a complex surveillance system that covers all rooms. For a favourable registration and monthly fee, you will get a motion detector, which also operates as a central device and a GSM modem. The monthly fee of the service includes rental charges for the devices, a SIM card with the necessary data transfer capacity, and batteries.

Monthly fee: 16,90 €

Patrol response fee: 21 €/response

How to order?

Fill in an application on this page. We will contact you and prepare a contract. All you need to do is come to the nearest customer service to collect the device.

If you wish, you can also sign the contract on site at the customer service but make sure to have a little time to spare.

In addition, we need precise instructions from you on how to drive to the site in case of an alarm. As locating country homes might prove difficult, as precise a location as possible and a detailed description of the route help us in reaching the destination faster – the police and rescue service unfortunately often lack this advantage. Upon drafting the contract, the client executive will ask the precise coordinates of the location and write down the essential features that will help locate the house.

How to install?

It is not necessary to order a technician for installing Small Surveillance. This way you will save time and money. It is convenient and easy to install the surveillance devices yourself.

Choose a place for the motion detector where the probability of movement upon unauthorised intrusion is high.

Fix the holder on a wall and place the motion detector into the holder.

When the motion detector has been connected into the mains power supply the G4S technical support team will complete the installation process. Then G4S technical support will perform all the necessary configurations within one working day.

After completing the configuration, G4S Alarm Response Centre will ask you to initiate a test alarm to check if everything operates as required. These instructions will be sent to you by an SMS.


How to use?

Arming and disarming can be done with a phone call to the phone number of the device. After the call, a text message confirming the activity is sent to your phone. You can choose the mobile phone numbers form which arming and disarming the system is possible.

In case of alert, the alarm device will send information to the G4S Alarm Response Centre. An employee of the Alarm Response Centre will contact the authorised contact of the customer by phone and ask if a patrol unit should be sent to the surveillance site to determine the reason for the alarm.

See the complete Small Surveillan usermanual here.

What happens in case of an alarm?

G4S reacts fast. Even if your country house is located far from a settlement, the reaction time is sufficient for preventing a theft. Thefts from country houses are usually measured in hours, not minutes.

If you also decide to order a smoke detector, a G4S patrol unit will drive to the scene of the event if a fire alarm goes off. In the case of danger, the Rescue Board, as well as the customer or their authorised contacts are notified immediately.

The service is available everywhere in Estonia (apart from exceptions). This is possible due to the largest network of G4S patrol units in Estonia.

Smoke detector with a special price

You can also add a smoke detector to the Small Surveillance set. It is an essential addition for your country house. In case of a fire alarm, we will immediately notify the customer or their authorised contacts and if there is a need, a G4S patrol unit will drive to the site. If needed, Rescue Board will be notified.

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